Peru reopens government organization (DIFAA) to direct, control and analyze UFO phenomena

// October 21st, 2013 // News


Illustration - UFO over planet earth

Peru announced last week, the reopening of their Department of Investigation of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (DIFAA) which will bring together sociologists, archaeologists, and astronomers, as well as air force personnel to analyze and research anomalous aerial phenomena (aka UFOs). DIFAA was first created in 2001, but it had been closed down five years ago due to administrative problems. DIFAA’s task will be to “organize, direct, control and collect information available to investigate and develop records and reports, as well as sorting and processing, filing and custody cases involving these phenomena from the standpoint of national security.”

Peru’s DIFAA office is now being reopened because of “increased sightings that are occurring in the country and that people are reporting to media”. DIFFA will also serve to educate the public by hosting different panels and discussions. Similar agencies exist in Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Argentina, and Chile where UFOs are often reported by citizens.


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