North Korea leader

It is being reported that in the wake of a severe food shortage, North Koreans may be killing family members and eating their dead. As serious food shortages (estimated to have killed 10,000 people so far) continue to wrack the infamously oppressive Asian nation, The Sunday Times reported that a DPRK father was executed by firing squad after discovering that he had killed and eaten two of his children.

According to Asia Press:

“While his wife was away on business he killed his eldest daughter and because his son saw what he had done, he killed his son as well.  When the wife came home he offered her food, saying ‘We have meat.’ But his wife, suspicious, notified the ministry of public security, which led to the discovery of part of their children’s bodies under the eaves.”

The Telegraph is reporting that North Korea will neither confirm nor deny the reports while the Yonhap News Agency is reporting that North Korea has thus far executed three people who have reportedly resorted to cannibalism to feed their starving families.  According to the Global Press:

“Rumors persist among defectors that during the desperate famine years of the 1990s, North Koreans bought and sold human flesh to their starving countrymen — a practice that may have continued during the ill-fated 2009 attempt to overhaul North Korea’s currency.”


Sources: Global Press, Asia Press, Telegraph, Yonhap News Agency, Sunday Times

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