Newest UFO hotspot – more documented UFO sightings in Cotulla, Texas

// January 29th, 2013 // News


Lights in the sky above Cotulla, Texas

Just over two weeks ago we obtained the amazing footage of the landed UFO at an oil field in Cotulla, Texas and now we are hearing there have been many more sightings in the area during the past couple of weeks – and residents are seriously spooked.  Several UFOs have been caught on camera (see video below) and the local news station has begun airing reports regarding the phenomena.  MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) has sent investigators to the area to see what’s up but thus far they are not convinced anything out of the ordinary is happening in the small community.  Residents however, are up in arms with many witnesses beginning to come forth with accounts of strange lights and triangular objects flying through their skies.  Even some notable Ufologists are saying MUFON has too ruled too quickly on some of their official Cotulla findings and suggest that MUFON conduct a more thorough investigation of this new wave of sightings.


UFO’s in the air over Cotulla, Texas

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