Mysterious ring shape in sky - result of sonic sound boom?

There were more than 30 calls coming into the Branch County 911 Dispatch Center in Michigan this past weekend regarding mysterious “booms”.  All calls came from the northwest part of the county.  Many residents in the area thought someone was breaking into their home.  Fox News reached out to the closest military base and they told FOX 17 that they don’t know where the booms are coming from and that it isn’t them.

One area resident reported:

“A friend of mine had the same thing happen to him on Friday night in northern Montcalm County. He said something sounded like an explosion and even rattled his windows. He and his neighbors all went outside to look and some even went driving toward the direction it seemed to have come from, and nobody could find a source. Kind of strange.”

Officials are looking into these reports and say they don’t have any idea where the booms are coming from or what the sound could be.

Sources: Fox 17

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