Miami Heat players atop double-decker bus in NBA Championship parade

After an NBA title win, tradition dictates a”championship parade” where your million-dollar star athletes are paraded through the city in celebration of the epic basketball victory.  Well thought out parade route planning ensures the best possible vantage points for the fans to view their beloved basketball heroes.  Yesterday Miami Heat took additional honors beyond the NBA title in our very own “stupidity” contest by placing their 7-foot-tall players on top of a double-decker bus and then driving the bus under several low hanging bridges, in at least one instance, appearing to nearly chop half the team in half as 400,000 fans cheered them on.  Players were perched atop the buses, waving to the throng of people, and shooting water at them with Super Soakers.  LeBron, who was on top of one of the double-deckers, and other Miami Heat players had to duck down before the bus drove under three separate low-hanging overpasses.  Check out the pictures below.

In the picture below, LeBron warns players that the bridge ahead looks to be pretty low.

Lebron James warns players to duck as they approach the bridge


Players begin to crouch as they approach the low bridge.

Players crouch to avoid the low-hanging bridge



Players ducking as the double-decker bus passes underneath the bridge.

Players duck while passing under bridge


Sources: NBA

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