Man tricks demolition crew into tearing down his neighbor’s home. Neighbors rejoice.

// September 10th, 2013 // News


Demolition crews tear down the wrong house

Lately we’ve seen several reports of demolition crews levelling the wrong house. This week, a Michigan man whose home was slated to be torn down took advantage of the situation in order to get rid of an unsightly neighbor’s home. The man switched his address numbers with those of his neighbor resulting in confused demolition crews tearing down the wrong house instead.

Neighbors cheered the man’s action explaining that the demolished home had been an eyesore and haven for crackheads for several years.

“When I heard they tore down the house on accident I wanted to give them a twelve pack of beer,” neighbor Fred Sargent told local television station WXYZ. “I was that happy.”

Unfortunately for the man behind the apparent ruse, his reprieve lasted only a few short hours. The demo crew returned to the scene to complete the job and this time, successfully demolished the right house.


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