Maine fishermen catch freaky lobster that has five human-like fingers

// September 11th, 2013 // News


Lola, the six-clawed lobster has five human-like fingers on her left arm

A crew of lobster fishermen in Maine found themselves in possession of an eerie five-fingered lobster after a recent haul. Recognizing their catch was something unusual, Capt. Peter Brown and lobsterman Richard Figueiredo of the fishing vessel Rachael Leah, delivered the specimen to the Maine State Aquarium who has put the bizarre creature, a Homarus americanus, or American lobster, on public display. They named their newest aquarium member “Lola”.

Weighing in at four pounds, Lola’s right claw is normal but her left claw (also known as the crusher claw) has five human-like fingers. Aquarium management said that three of the claws can move but not all are usable. They explained to reporters that they believe the anomaly is a result of a DNA mix-up – a deformity of some sort.

“When a lobster loses a claw, either through a fight or a problem in the molting process, its genetics say that the claw needs to regrow. But somehow, the genetic code got mixed up.”

The museum plans to keep the five-fingered freak on display until it shows signs of distress.  Then they will return it to the ocean.

Sources: CNN, Fox, BBC

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