Old LA subway system tunnel

Alissa writes a wonderful blog and frequently shares stories and photos (on Flickr) about her adventures while “walking through LA”.  She recently took a field trip through the abandoned subway systems of Los Angeles.  For those who didn’t know, LA does indeed have a subway system although the geographical dispersion of LA residents doesn’t make it a very popular choice for moving about the city.  Still, in the 1940’s, over 65,000 riders used the LA subway system, a system that has since been abandoned after the new lines were built.

Entrances to the underground system have been sealed but readers have noted there are a few ways you can still get in. Unsealed entrances are typically located behind locked gates or inside the old subway system’s boarded-up terminals.

Here’s a collection of photos from the old LA subway system. Check out Alissa’s blog or her Flickr page for more wonderful pics.

Here’s the old subway system as it looked in its heyday.

And here’s how it looks today.


Sources: Galato Baby blog

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