Terrorist attack against a train

There’s a bit of rumbling on the wires the past few days. I cannot validate all of the sources so for now, just consider this “interesting” reading and watch for more news.

Sources are claiming that one or more attacks against large U.S. targets or infrastructure are in the pipeline. The attacks are said to be sponsored by a major government and conducted through “proxies” and could include a Mumbai type attack (in 2008, a Mumbai hotel was targeted, hostages were taken, and 164 people killed over the course of several days). It is believed that communications with the operational center have been cut, a sign that the attacks are moving ahead quickly. The intent of course, would be to promote fear and push the population to question U.S. Intelligence effectiveness and to potentially disrupt critical infrastructure components. That this falls on the heels of the Boston Marathon bombing is no coincidence.

It is believed that details have already been passed to U.S. Intelligence agencies including information regarding the targets.

Again, the sources are questionable and have not been validated but the information provided coincides with recent heightened-security alerts from the Department of Homeland Security regarding potential cyber attacks against critical infrastructure components. It is believed that the DHS warning came after back-channel chatter was detected on the wires.


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