African witchdoctor in Kenya wearing tribal dress

Police in the township of Chitungwiza in Zimbabwe reported a massive explosion yesterday at the home of a local tribal “sorcerer” (known here as witchdoctors).  The blast leveled the home, killed five people, and damaged 12 nearby homes.  Police presumed that the dead, who were known to be seeking help improving their finances, were visiting the witchdoctor for professional assistance. In Zimbabwe, it is common for witchdoctors to use lightning, which is common during the current rain storms, to assist in their tribal rituals (and to eradicate enemies).  Locals in the area told reporters that a “lightning manufacturing process” was being conducted at the witchdoctor’s home.

Army bomb squad experts were called in to assist in the investigation and cleanup. They found no remnants of a bomb, petrol, or gas containers at the scene of the explosion.

Sources: Austrian Headline News

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