Video frame showing the path the UFO takes

This UFO was captured by a NBC affiliate weather-cam located on top of a building in downtown Fort Worth, Texas back in July 2011.  At first glance the UFO appears to be a comet or meteor plummeting to Earth but then just as the object nears the ground it suddenly makes a near 90-degree turn and shoots back up into the sky and out of sight.  The only explanation presented thus far is a  perspective anomaly – something like a a bug flying nearer the lens that it truly appears.  Frame freezes of the video make this explanation a bit unlikely though.  The object also comes too near the Earth’s surface to be a meteor or other object glancing off the Earth’s atmosphere.

The object in the video appears near the horizon and is quite dim after the “bounce”.  We have slowed the video down and zoomed the relevant area to make the object easier to see.


UFO plummets towards Earth then makes high-speed 90-degree turn

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