If you are deathly afraid of spiders…  No wait, if you are even a little bit scared of spiders then you may want to ensure you have a path cleared to the doorway before watching this video.  The video below was shot by 20-year-old Erick Reis in the town of Santo Antonio de Plantina in Brazil and shows a spider web “wall” over 6 stories high by hundreds of feet wide covered with tens of thousands of spiders just waiting to drop on unsuspecting prey below.  Reis shot the video at a wedding party and was so horrified at the sight, he forgot his camera at the party.

The spiders shown in the video are of the Anelosimus eximius variety, a genus known for its communal nature.  Scientists are not sure why but at night the spider colonies emerge from the trees to build huge spider web walls between trees, utility poles, and anything else their sticky little feet can cling to.  The spiders work together, as a group, to build the huge webs.  Experts note that strong winds can pick up the entire web, along with the thousands of spiders, carry it anywhere, and as the winds die down, it can rain spiders, as in this case shown in the video below.


Wall of spiders in Brazil leads to spider “rain”

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