Andrew Hudson suffered head wounds from alligator attack

Andrew Hudson, 17, was swimming on Monday at Little Big Econ State Forest in Florida when he saw what he thought was a 10-foot-long piece of wood floating in the water.  He kicked the “log” which started moving.  Before he realized the “log” was really an alligator, the beast turned on the boy, gripping the boy’s head in his jaws.  The boy fought back and eventually broke free from the gator’s grip.  By the time Hudson broke free and made it to shore, blood was pouring from his head. He used his shorts to stop the bleeding.

A friend ran a half-mile to the nearest forestry office and reported the incident to the authorities.

They looked at me like I was crazy. I’m like, ‘My friend really got bit by an alligator’.

The boy received stitches and staples for several puncture wounds to his head.

Sources: Huffington Post

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