Expert witness spots odd-shaped UFO in Jefferson, Georgia – matches other reports from the area

// January 15th, 2013 // News


Area where witness reported hammerhead shaped UFO

Similar hammerhead shaped aircraft reported near Groom LakeAn “expert” witness has filed an official report documenting a UFO he sighted around 5:00 PM on January 12, 2013 in Georgia.  The witness has a military background, he was an anti-aircraft gunner, and as would be expected, he “knows his aircraft”.  This however, appears to be a very unusual aircraft.

The witness was heading home in Interstate 29 in Jefferson, Georgia when he looked up a hill and noticed what he at first though was a helicopter towing something underneath it.  As he neared the object, he realized it was an object unlike anything he had ever seen.  The witness described the object as being “hammerhead” shaped with a long extension extending out of the bottom.  At the bottom end of the extension was another hammerhead shaped object, about 25% smaller than the top one.  As the witness quoted, “It looked like something out of Star Trek”.  The object moved slowly, about 3-4 MPH, and flew low, about 500 feet off the ground.

The witness noted that he went home and “Googled” to see if anyone else had spotted a similar object and indeed found another report identical to his.

The witness told MUFON:

“Very strange. I am still in awe. And I have never saw an aircraft like that. And I know just about every military air craft there is.”

There have been other reports of similar shaped objects coming from the Groom Lake area (see picture above).  Maybe not quite what the witness described but possibly pretty close.  A very strange flying phenomena indeed.


Sources: MUFON, Top Secret, Examiner

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