Ex-Mafia boss says he knows where missing Teamster Union leader Jimmy Hoffa is buried

// January 16th, 2013 // News


Jimmy Hoffa in Chatanooga, Tenn. on Aug. 21, 1969

Tony Zerilli, an ex-Detroit mafia boss, has stated that he knows where the missing body of Teamsters Union leader, Jimmy Hoffa is buried.  According to the 85-year-old Zerilli, Hoffa was buried in a field outside Detroit, about 20 miles from the restaurant where he was last seen in July 1975. Zerilli explained that the mafia’s original intent was to move the body and not leave it in the shallow grave it was temporarily placed in.

“The master plan was, that I understood, was that they were going to put him in a shallow grave here. Then, they were going to take him from here to Rogers City upstate. There was a hunting lodge and they were going to bury in a shallow grave then take him up there for final burial. Then, I understand, that it just fell through.”

Sources: My Daily News

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