Arizona man’s chronic runny nose is not due to allergies – he’s leaking brain fluid!

// May 22nd, 2013 // News


XRayy of man with leaking brain fluid

An Arizona man, who had a runny nose for over a year, was shocked to hear that the fluid leaking from his noise was not snot – it was brain fluid. Thinking he had year-round allergies, Joe Nagy visited his doctor where he was diagnosed with a perforated brain membrane. A tiny hole in the membrane was allowing brain fluid to leak into his sinus cavity and out the nose.

“You don’t really think about it, but our brains are really just above our noses all of the time.”

Unfortunately, Nagy contracted meningitis and the fluid inside his brain became infected – a very dangerous situation. However, once the meningitis cleared up, doctors were able to plug the hole with medical glue.

A happy Nagy told Fox Phoenix:

“I was waiting for the dribble, this leaking ’cause I was so used to it every day. I got my hankie. Nothing. It’s never come back.”

For all those allergy sufferers who are now squirming around worried, doctors say that brain fluid, unlike most mucous, is exceptionally clear. Nagy’s nose never stopped running because our bodies produce up to 12 ounces of brain fluid each day to keep the brain from drying out.


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