Belize construction company bulldozes 2,300 year old Mayan pyramid

// May 15th, 2013 // News



Mayan pyramid destroyed by road construction company


Destroyed Mayan Pyramid room clearly visibleOfficials in Belize say a road-building construction company has purposely destroyed one of the country’s largest Mayan pyramids. The company destroyed the Mayan pyramid in order to extract rock for a road-building project. The Mayan temple dated back to pre-Columbian times and is estimated to be 2,300 year old. Only a small piece of the pyramid was left standing. An archeologist explained that the ruins were well-known and easy to identify.

“It is incredible that someone would actually have the gall to destroy this building out here. There is absolutely no way that they would not know that these are Maya mounds.”

Destroying Mayan temples for their rock is not a new problem.

“Bulldozing Maya mounds for road fill is an endemic problem in Belize. The whole of the San Estevan center has gone, both of the major pyramids at Louisville, other structures at Nohmul, many smaller sites but this sounds like the biggest yet.”

Prosecutors are considering bringing criminal charges against the construction company.

Sources: BBC: Fox News

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