Huge pyramid spotted at Area 51 – see for yourself on satellite images of Dreamland

// July 31st, 2013 // News



Pyramid at Area 51 (Nevada Test and Training Range)

Witnesses around the world have reported seeing strange beams of light emitted from the tops of pyramids, casting an eerie bright beam of light into the heavens, for what purpose nobody knows. Now eagle-eyed Area 51 satellite imagery viewers have spotted a weird construction anomaly on satellite photos of the top-secret Area 51 facility. It seems as if Dreamland has built a huge pyramid on the western edge of the Area 51 facility. The evidence is irrefutable as anyone can jump on Google Maps or Google Earth and plug in the coordinates (37° 5’45.66″N 116° 5’35.77″W) to see for themselves.

The pyramid was first rumored to exist at the Nevada Test and Training Range several months ago but at the time, most people thought the images, which were said to have been shot in 2006, were photoshopped. Now we find out that they were not – a 200 foot wide pyramid does exist on the western side of one of the segregated Department of Defense complexes. Several theories as to the purpose have the pyramid have been proposed including one theory that it’s just to keep people looking in the wrong direction of the complex while the Department of Defense does their magic on the other side of Area 51.

Check out the photos below (and share your comments on what you think the purpose of the pyramid is) or hop over to Google Maps and search the satellite imagery for these coordinates: 37° 5’45.66″N 116° 5’35.77″W.

Satellite image of Area 51 (Groom Lake) and the pyramid discovered there


Area 51 pyramid


Area 51 pyramid complex


Area 51 pyramid


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