Crop circle near dead elk in northern New Mexico

Game and Fish investigators found 120 dead elk carcasses near a mysterious crop circle near Las Vegas, New Mexico on August 26, 2013. The animals were found about 20 miles north of Las Vegas and a few hundred yards south of the crop circle. All of the animal carcasses were found within a single square mile of ranch land and authorities noted that the deaths seemed to have happened overnight. None of the animal carcasses bore any visible wounds.

Biologists have collected water and tissue samples for testing but experts noted that it is doubtful that disease was the cause of the mysterious deaths since infectious disease would have to run its course many times before such a large number of animals would die. In addition, disease would not result in the animals all dying in such close proximity to each other. No other die-offs have been reported in New Mexico this year.

120 dead elk carcasses found near Las Vegas, New Mexico

Sources: KRQE TV, New Mexico

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