Month: August 2013

Pont Saint Esprit mass insanity event – did the CIA secretly poison an entire town with LSD?

    The 1951 Pont Saint Esprit mass hallucinogenic event – ergot poisoning or did the CIA secretly dose an entire town with LSD It began in August 1951 in a small, quiet village on the banks of the River Rhône in southern France after an outbreak of food poisoning, upset stomachs, vomiting and diarrhea soon gave way to mass folly and collective delusions. Dozens of Pont Saint Esprit (or Pont St. Esprit) villagers developed fever-like symptoms, suffering hallucinations and exhibiting bizarre mannerisms. Then it quickly spread to hundreds more. One man tried to drown himself, screaming that he was being eaten from the inside – by snakes. Another man believed he could fly and flung himself from the third-story window, breaking both of his legs. Then he

Houston, Texas families flee haunted home – paranormal investors find evidence of ghostly spirits

Houston, Texas resident Angela Rhodes has fled her home and refuses to enter the haunted abode, even during daylight hours. The home, located in the northeast section of Houston, was inherited from her parents after their death (they both died in the home). Inside the home, Rhodes has claimed to hear ghostly children running in the hallway (no kids lived in or around the house at the time), seen eerie glowing flames burning in the bathroom (flames that did not burn anything but you could see and smell), and consistently feels an evil “force” compelling her to look out of a window in the den (thus far, she refuses to comply). After being unable to endure the ghostly spirits, Rhodes left the home and allowed