We received some interesting reports of UFOs seen over the town of Chester Springs, Pennsylvania on Christmas day.  MUFON recorded the event and noted that witnesses reported a black object with flashing lights.  Power outages accompanied the sighting.  One photo (see above) and reportedly two video clips were shot of the unknown object.

One witness noted:

“We took the kids out to ride their new Power Wheel and I noticed a black spot in the sky that wasn’t doing much of anything – just hovering. I pointed it out to my husband and my mother and we couldn’t figure out what it could be. After about a 1/2 hour, we went back inside. Every few minutes, wed peek outside to see if it was still there – and it was. Then our power randomly went out – no storms, no wind, nothing else going on to cause a power outage. Then as we were looking out the window checking on the black object again, my mom noticed flashing lights in the sky below. We immediately went out onto the deck and began filming. The lights appeared to be flashing randomly (or perhaps the object was spinning?) and it was mostly horizontal. However, there were times where the lights tilted and then went into a vertical pattern. The lights were hovering right behind some low lying clouds. Eventually, more clouds came in and we lost sight of both images. Since then, the weather has deteriorated and we have not seen anything else.”

Sources: MUFON

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