NostradamusNostradamus, (or Notradamus) the sixteenth century physician turned seer, supposedly foresaw the French and Russian Revolutions, the career and death of Hitler, the rise of Arab power in the 1970’s, the attempted assassination of the pope, and scores of other specific events. The most amazing aspect of his prophecies was not the events themselves but the accuracy of his descriptions, most often giving the exact names of people and places, the exact dates, and the unforeseen results of the event’s affect on their societies.

The Prophecies Begin

Nostradamus was born in Provence on December 14, 1503. After receiving his doctoral degree in 1525, he began to practice medicine as a ‘healer’. When in 1540, Nostradamus was unable to save his wife and children from a unforeseen plague, he began roaming the countryside surrounding Salon. It was at this time that he began writing a yearly list of predictions that at once became very popular with the people.  Due to this success, Nostradamus began writing his book – Centuries, a complete series of prophecies dealing with events from his time to the end of the world in the year 3797. The prophecies were written in ‘quatrains’ or verses of four lines and lumped together in groups called ‘centuries’. Their meanings were purposely obscured using jumbled text and slight metaphors in order to prevent his being labeled a product of the devil.

Fame and Fortune

Nonetheless, his work became known and his fame spread to the royal court where the queen summoned him to plot the horoscopes of the king and their children. Soon, people from all over France began seeking the new prophet to solicit predictions of their future. He quickly became quite a draw with his eerie ability to plot the future, even the short term future.


Famous Tales

It was said that while walking the countryside with the Monsieur de Florenville, they came upon a black pig and a white pig. The Monsieur de Florenville questioned Nostradamus on the fate of the pigs. Nostradamus quickly replied, ‘We will eat the black one and the wolf will eat the white one’. The Monsieur de Florenville, being boldly jealous of Nostradamus, quickly set out to make him a liar. The lord ordered the chef to roast the white pig on the spit and serve it for their dinner. When dinner arrived and the roasted pig was about to be served, the Monsieur once again asked Nostradamus about the fate of the pigs. Nostradamus, once again replied what he had earlier stated, ‘they would eat the black pig and the wolf ate the white one’. Then the Monsieur summoned the chef to refute Nostradamus’s statement. The guests were astonished when the chef admitted that a tame wolf cub had nibbled at the white pig while it was roasting on the spit and that he had served them the black one instead.

Proof – Hitler’s Rise and Fall

Nostradamus bookWere the predictions of Nostradamus simply guesswork as some have surmised or was he truly a the greatest prophet the world has ever known? In his predictions of Hitler’s rise Nostradamus wrote (notations italicized):

In the most easterly region of western Europe, a child will be born to poor parents [Hitler’s parents were indeed poor, born in Austro-Bavarians frontier]. He will seduce great crowds wit his oratory and will [commonly characterized as the greatest orator in history] make much more noise about the eastern power – USSR [Hitler’s greatest adversary]. A new sect of philosophers despising death, gold, honors and wealth will be born on the German borders and those who follow them will have support and audience [Hitler’s founding party held these very beliefs and sought to deliver the German people from their sorrows]. Under the saintly appearance of delivering people from servitude he will himself usurp the people’s power and the town. He will wreak the worst by trickery with the aid of a new republic, using as text in the struggle the false ideas of the first part of his book [Mein Kampf, Volume 1].

Many will die before the Phoenix dies [millions of Jews perished]. After fifty-five years ten months he will find his last home, when the years 1915, 1921, and 1939 have passed [Hitler born April 1889, died March 1945 at 55 years 10 months] in 1945. In 1915 he will succumb to illness [as a Corporal he was twice wounded in 1915], in 1921 he will have an armed force dangerous to his life [1921, the most successful year of Hitler’s new party]; 1939 will be subject to a rain of fire [Hitler’s siege began in 1934 and ended in 1945]. The new Nero will hurl into three ovens [Auschwitz, Dachau, and Birkenau where over 11 million Jews perished] young people to burn them alive. Happy they who are far from such acts. Three of his blood Germans will spy on him to kill him [Goerdeler, Leipzig, and General Beck attempted a assassination by bomb that failed]. The new German empire will be in desolation and undergo changed because of the North [USSR, key in the defeat of Germany]. There will be great numbers of condemned person when the heads of state are reconciled [Nuremberg Trials]. But one of them will make sure any difficulties that those who waged war together will not be allies [USSR and USA, allies in wars, starkest enemies in the end].

The World Trade Center Disaster

The World Trade Center disaster that occurred on September 11, 2001 generated a lot of questions about its supposed prediction by Nostradamus.  Three quatrains in particular generated interest:

Century 10, Quatrain72:

The year 1999, seventh month,

From the sky will come a great King of Terror,

To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,

Before and after Mars will reign at will

In the above quatrain, many point out that the year ‘1999’ and the ‘seventh month’ are incorrect?  Some rectify this by explaining that our modern calendar is indeed off by two years due to the Pope’s revision of our contemporary calendar.  Also, the 7th month could indeed refer to September.  400 years ago, Nostradamus’s calendar actually began with the month of March (hence the reason many of the prefixes of our months don’t make sense to us – October, Octa, 8, or December, Deca, 10, and most interestingly September, Septa, or 7.

NostradamusSome point out that the ‘King of the Mongols’ could refer to the United States since we are often perceived negatively by other countries.

And note that ‘Mars’ in most of Nostradamus’s writings refer to War (the God of Mars).

Century 6, Quatrain 97:

The sky will burn at 45 degrees latitude,

Fire approaches the great new city,

Immediately a huge, scattered flame leaps up,

When they want to have verification from the Normans

In the above quatrain many have argued over the ’45 degrees’ value specified.  Some argue that 45 degrees refers to the angle of the plane upon entry into the World Trade Center (WTC).  Some argue that Manhattan lies right around 45 degrees latitude (more accurately, 41 degrees).

Also pointed out is the phrase Normans which, true to Nostradamus’s style of writing, could refer to Americans (NOrth AMericANS).  Then again it could be deduced as a referral to Norman Rockefeller by the skeptics…

Century 1, Quatrain 87:

Earthshaking fire from the center of the world,

Will cause the towers around the new city to shake,

Two great rocks will war for a long time,

And then Arethusa shall color a new river red

And of course the above quatrain is quite eerie too.  New York, and more specifically the World Trade Centers, could be referred to the Center of the World.  ‘New City’ could refer explicitly to New York.  The ‘two great rocks’ could refer to the twin WTC towers.  And the coloring of the Hudson river (which the dead bodies are being transferred over to be place in nearby New Jersey) could indeed be surmised as ‘red’.

Whether or not these predictions are accurate is of course, open to debate.  Vague? Of course.  Accurate in some cases? Yes.  If you want to believe then you can have a lot of fun with Nostradamus’s predictions but be forewarned that you’ll need to dig through several references because interpretations vary greatly.  If you’re a skeptic then you will also have a lot of fun pointing out the inaccuracies of some of the predictions.

Either way, some of the predictions are eerily accurate indeed. So what does Nostradamus predict for our future? Like our modern day bibles, Notradamus foresees the rise of an Antichrist (the son of a Buddhist Monk, and a twin) and a great war that ends western civilization. Hopefully Nostradamus’s prophecies were just blind luck…

Here are some interpretations taken from a translation made over 20 years ago (see references at the bottom of this page).  They’re old but seem strangely applicable to our modern day climate:


C1, Q94

The tyrant will be put to death in the Muslem port, but that does not bring back freedom.  A new war breaks out, through spite and vengeance; the Republic will be paid in fear, through force.

C2, Q95

Peopled areas will be made uninhabitable (nuclear fallout?) for very divided territories (Palestine?). The powers will be given over to incapable governments. Death and dissension will reign between brothers (Arab and Jew?).

C2, Q60

Muslim duplicity will provoke a split in the Middle East. Because of a great person on the Jewish side, the Rhone will see changes when the greed for gold (U.S.?) has died down, the fleet will be engulfed, blood and sailor’s bodies will be floating.

To see the sky weep prompts a wail of sorrow.  The war fleets prepare. The Moslem leader plans his tricks. The army will delay mobilizing because no one will know what is secretly brewing, and during that time people will be enjoying themselves.


C3, Q90

The great cynical person from the Tigris and Iran will make a gift to those of the Atlantic Alliance; then a military leader will leave from Afghanistan (Osama bin Laden?) to land in the Tyrrhenian Sea and Marseille.

C2, Q91

In the East a great fire will be seen, noise and flames (of war?) will extend across Russia. There will be deaths within a circle (nuclear bombs?) and cries will be heard. By war, fire, famine, men will wait for death.

C8, Q73

The Muslim troops will smite the great leader, whose death, unjustly, will not be far off; the avarice of the mother will be the cause of this event. Conspirator and seat of power alike will be greatly stricken.

C3, Q95

The Muslim law will be seen to collapse, following another far more seductive law (Christianity?). Russia will collapse first (split of the U.S.S.R?) and be drawn by the benefits of the language.

At the approach of the Aquarian Age, the devil will turn back, and he will be given obstacles where the fire of the great war is concerned. From Russia to the Muslim countries the great proud one (USA?) will rule, and the West will maintain freedom of thought.

C5, Q80


The eloquent person (Barack Obama?) will approach great Turkey, the Muslim alliance will be beaten; of the two Moslem laws one will be abandoned; there will be continual upheavals between Muslim’s and the rest.

C4, Q14

The sudden death of the chief of state (Barack Obama) will cause a change and put another in power, one who has come both early and late (Joe Biden), so young despite his ancient descent that he must be feared by land and sea.


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