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LEIU Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit logoIn the United States, every American cherishes their freedom – it’s what this country was built upon. So it’s no surprise that we are in fear of some of our government enforcement agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency or the Federal Bureau of Investigations – agencies that some feel may threaten this freedom. These agencies often seem to operate beyond the boundaries of what our constitution permits or at the very least they seem to often ‘toe the line’. But, were you aware of the agency, operating as a private institution, that is protected from the constitutional boundaries that other agencies must adhere to?

The Organization

There exists an agency called the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit, a highly secretive intelligence network that links the intelligence squads of almost every major public law enforcement agency in the United States and Canada. It’s a private club, and hence not held accountable to any government official or the American voters. Members hold highly confidential allegiances to this club – allegiances that cannot be forcibly broken by any government agency – not even the Federal Government.

How it works

Being a privately held agency, it is not held accountable to the Freedom of Information Act. This allows the agency to act as a protected “vault” of information. Files held by the LEIU are closely guarded and no one, not the FBI, the CIA, or any other Federal authority can gain access to these files. In this respect, the information held by the LEIU is more secret than even the CIA’s ‘classified’ documents.


In this capacity, the LEIU can assist local authorities in the ‘storage’ of information – special information that must be highly protected and not divulged to the public. This allows the local agencies to evade the restrictions placed upon them by the Constitution of the United States.

The LEIU can also assist the local authorities in other ways too. Ex members of the LEIU have indicated that they may have participated in illegal wiretapping, spying, and even breaking and entering. All of these luxuries afforded to the LEIU due to it’s operation as a private entity versus a governmental type authority that must follow the will of the voters.


Of course all this ‘freedom’ that government authorities gain via the LEIU comes with a special price. Strict adherence to their allegiance to the LEIU is an absolute requirement for membership. Any deviation from this allegiance results in the stiffest of penalties – banishment from the organization. It is generally believed that the Las Vegas Police Department and the Houston Police department are two such agencies that have been banned due to security breaches.

To date the LEIU is still active, and keeps an extremely low profile…


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